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Zhao Baochang

Zhao Baochang, male, research fellow, doctor tutor; graduated from Zhejiang University in 1962, majoring in optical instrument, and began to work in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the same year as assigned; In 1978 promoted to assistant research fellow, vice director of the research department; in 1986 promoted to associate research fellow and vice director; in 1988 promoted to research fellow; as director of the Institute from 1995 to 1999; currently as director of the Institute expert committee, member of Academic Degree Commission and chief designer of optical system for moon exploration project, etc;
Being engaged in study of high-speed photography technology, research and development of high-speed photographic camera, mainly in optical design; as one of first batch of scientific and technological workers in study of high-speed photography technology and high-speed photographic camera; participated in research and development of intermittent, prismatic-compensation, rotating mirror high-speed photogrammetric instrument, with National Science Conference award granted for the achievement;  since 1978 took the first to carry on study of gradient refraction optical imaging theory and published academic thesis in the field as the first one; from 1983 to 1985, went to Nagoya University, Japan for advanced studies of interference(imaging)spectrum technology, and achieved high-spectral resolution inversion (reconstruction) of F-P interferometer multi-beam interference and multi-slit diffracted intensity internationally as the first one.
After returned to China, he took the first to carry on study of interference imaging spectrum technology and research and development of sample device; participated in multiple national key projects, with good achievements made; put forward  large-field multispectral technique and succeeded; recently he put forward method of improving antinoise ability through multi-beam interference spectral inverse, and proposed study of spectral separation technology for lunar dust, being important significance to development of space activities of China.
Research Fellow Zhao Baochang has in succession won four National Science Conference awards;one Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class I, three Class II and four Class III at provincial and ministerial level. In addition, he also won the following honorary titles: Advanced Worker by Shaanxi Science Conference;expert enjoying governmental special allowance;Shaanxi expert with outstanding contributions;winner of certificate in commemoration of manned space flight;excellent graduate tutor of Chinese Academy of Sciences;advanced individual in rectifying the Party’s style of work;Shaanxi returned students with outstanding contributions.
Research Fellow Zhao Baochang has officially published more than 70 theses and 10 papers in academic conferences, participated in compilation of two monographs, written 41 various technical reports  and owned one invention patent and five practical new-type patents.
Concurrent posts in administrative and academic organizations: director of Chinese Optical Society;Chairman of Shaanxi Optical Society;member of Academic Degree Commission of Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences;visiting professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University;vice chief editor of Optics Journal;member of high-speed photography and photonics professional committee;member of academic committee of Shaanxi key laboratory of film technology and optical testing;senior technical consultant of Femto Technology Co., Ltd; member of expert group for moon exploration project.