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Zhou Renkui

Zhou Renkui, male, research fellow, doctor tutor; in 1967 graduated from Zhejiang University with major of optical instrument, and began to work in former Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense as assigned; worked in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics since 1970 as assistant research fellow, associate research fellow, research fellow, doctor tutor, research department vice director, director, vice director and member of expert committee of the Institute, etc in succession;
All along in study of optical engineering; carried on study of overall technique and theory of dynamic photoelectric testing equipment; keen on pioneering in study of optical engineering combining optics, precision machinery and electronics with computer techniques;  chaired or participated in chairing study of 10-plus national key scientific research projects in succession, made more than 30 important achievements in optical, mechanical and computing integration, and provided relevant department with more than 20 sets (units) of technologies and equipment filling in domestic gap and advanced in the world, including China’s first set of general digital optical measurement film image automatic measuring system; China’s first set of large-picture high-precision CCD map scanner; synch radiation beamline and experimental apparatus and a measurement system’s CCD TV theodolite for multi-objective real-time test, etc; developed series equipment for automatic measurement of film image; in recent years, he also launched study of new application of high-speed photoelectric detection technique and infrared detection technique;
Has educated 10 masters and 13 doctors and published more than 60 theses in domestic and foreign journals; 
Has won more than 10 awards in succession, including national major technical equipment achievement award Class I, National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II , Class III  and Chinese Academy of Sciences scientific research achievement award Class I , Chinese Academy of Sciences Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II and Class III;  received a citation from the State Council and citation certificate of “Making Major Contributions in Construction of Beijing Electron-Positron Collider Winning Top-grade Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award ” and gold award;won title of advanced worker in Chinese Academy of Sciences’  “7th Five-Year Plan” major scientific research task, etc;enjoying governmental special allowance.
As expert for appraisal of national and Chinese Academy of Sciences’ scientific and technological award;vice director of professional group for national defense photoelectric project of Chinese Academy of Sciences;vice director of Chinese Optical Society Consultation Committee, standing member of professional committee of Chinese Optical Society for Optical Manufacturing, director of Chinese Optical Society’s high-speed photography and photonics professional committee, director of China Ordnance Society’s photoelectron professional committee, member of Chinese Society of Astronautics’ photoelectric technology professional committee, Secretary General of Shaanxi Optical Society;member of reading and editing group of optical engineering subject, teaching materials reading and editing committee, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of editing committee of journal of science and technology such as Laser and Optoelectronics Progress and Applied Optics.