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Li Yingcai

Li Yingcai, male, research fellow, doctor tutor; Shaanxi experts with outstanding contributions, member of Xi’an CPPCC; graduated from Zhejiang University in 1967, and has served in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics since 1968, during which worked in Department of Physics, UK Queen’s Belfast University from 1984 to 1986, and in Sydney University, Australian as senior visiting scholar from 1995 to 1999.
Research Fellow Li Yingcai had key of optical measurement technique in research in early stage. In research and development of small-sized high-speed cinematography theodolite, he made breakthrough of traditional theodolite form and took the first to successfully adopt double-reflector tracking and optic imagerotating, realizing tracking measurement of objective moving at high-speed moving object and winning Chinese Academy of Sciences Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class I; in research and development of finish measurement system, he successfully solved the problem of large field CCD measurement real-time error correction, improving measuring precision and data processing speed and being superior to level of foreign instrument of its kind and winning National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II.
After return from successful completion of the study in UK, Research Fellow Li Yingcai began to be engaged in study of space optics and remote sensing technology, making him one of main pioneers in study of space optics in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics. He has in succession completed the projects of CCD multispectral scanner and large-picture aerocamera, etc, which have been granted Chinese Academy of Sciences Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II and Class III respectively. In manned spaceflight project, he was in charge of research and development of sub-system equipment, which was used in successfully-launched Shenzhou IV and Shenzhou V spaceships, for which he was awarded the title of excellent worker in the manned spaceflight project. In recent years, the National 863 Hi-tech project of which he was in charge was granted National Defense Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II, cited in summarization of the 15th Anniversary of the 863 Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and appraised as advanced individual with outstanding contributions to the 863 Program. In addition, the project group was appraised as advanced collective making outstanding contributions.
Research Fellow Li Yingcai also pays high attention to training excellent young talents. As a doctor tutor, he has educated 32 graduates, most of whom have become backbones in scientific researches. He always teaches his students by word and deed, gives thoughtful academic guidance to them, cares for their life and lets them undertake research work and participate in national major projects. Upholding the principle of innovation first, he often encourages young researchers to pioneer and be bold in ascending the heights of science. He advocates dedication and devotion in order to set up strong sense of responsibilities of the young researchers to devote them to the cause of scientific research. He encourages assiduous study and carries on academic exchanges actively, and advocates unity and cooperation, mutual help and cooperative tackling. With these efforts, he has developed a scientific research team innovative, practical, cooperative dedicated.
He has won three authorized invention patents and five practical new-type patents;published more than 60 academic theses both at home and abroad; participated in compilation of Space Science and Application;won one National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II, one provincial and ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class I, three Class II and three Class III; was appraised as Shaanxi expert with outstanding contributions; enjoys governmental special allowance from the State Council.