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Xiong Rensheng

Xiong Rensheng, male, doctor tutor, research fellow; graduated from Department of Optical Instrument Engineering, Zhejiang University in 1965, majoring in Physical Optics; began to work in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the same year; in 1989 promoted to research fellow; in 1996 promoted to optical engineering doctor tutor; in 1998 as vice chief engineer of the Institute; now as a member of expert committee of the Institute.
Research Fellow Xiong Rensheng has worked in study of modern photoelectric measurement technique and research and development of optical measurement equipment for more than 40 years, in succession participated in and led research and development of more than ten sets of photoelectric measurement instrument such as high-speed cinema theodolite and infrared theodolite, etc, tackled the difficulty of tracking measurement of flight orbit in initial launching stage of large-sized carrier such as “Shenzhou” spaceship, etc, domestically first developed non-contact photoelectric precision surveying technology, which was in step with international level in the field, with measurement system’s multi-objective measurement ability and performance advanced in the world; 
Has published more than 40 research theses and compiled more than 30 research reports;
Won seven technological achievement awards at national, provincial and ministerial levels such as National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1992 won reward of governmental special allowance from the State Council;  in 1995 appraised as advanced worker in coordination and matching projects for national defense and military industry by the State Planning Commission, Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and the National Economy and Trade Commission; in 1998 won Guanghua Science & Technology Foundation Class II; in 2001 appraised as Shaanxi expert with outstanding contributions; in 2004 won honorary title of excellent worker in manned spaceflight project of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Current posts with research organizations: member of China high-speed photography and photonics professional committee, member of professional committee of Electronic Technology of China Ordnance Society.