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Chen Guofu

Chen Guofu, male, CPC member, research fellow, doctor tutor; graduated from Department of Radio Electronics, Peking University, in 1966, majoring in Electronic Physics; began to work in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1968; during 1984-1987, as visiting scholar in Department of Physics, UK Imperial College and Department of Physics, UK Scotland University of St. Andrews respectively.
Now as doctor tutor and member of expert committee of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics; visiting professor with Department of Physics, Shaanxi Normal University and with Information School of Xi’an University of Technology, member of editing committee of Photonics Journal and China Laser, vice director of Xi’an Laser and Infrared Society; during 1987-1991, in charge of application for preparation of national key laboratory of transient optics technology;1991—2001, as director of national key laboratory of transient optics technology;
For many years in study of ultrafast optoelectronics and ultra-short pulse laser technology and application; chairing or participating in multiple national key study subjects and key subjects of Chinese Academy of Sciences; took the first in carrying on study of optical fiber laser generation in China, electro—optical sampling technology, high repetition rate chirped laser pulse regeneration and amplification technology, semiconductor laser mode-locking technology and application of femotosecond  laser and bio-molecular material in information extreme data storage, etc, and carried out multiple innovative researches on transient optics technology of China, making contributions to China’s leading status in international transient optics technology field;
Has made many internationally advanced and domestically leading achievements in researches, and internationally leading achievements in study of ultra-short pulse laser generation technology study, winning attentions of experts in the field;
Has applied for 15 invention patents;jointly compiled two monographs: “Non-linear Optics (Chinese)”, “Information(Chinese)”;published more than 170 research papers in domestic and foreign academic publications; won nine higher-than-Class II national, provincial or ministerial research achievement awards and one Guanghua Science & Technology Foundation Award Class II; 
Was “Member of the Standing Committee of the 7th Shaanxi CPPCC”, “Deputy to the 8th NPC”; won nine honors of “State-level Expert with Outstanding Contributions”,  “Shaanxi Model Worker”,  “Shaanxi Top 10 Inventors”,  “Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Elite”,  “Excellent Doctor Tutor of Shaanxi Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences” and excellent CPC member of Xi’an Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
He attaches high importance to talents and has educated 25 doctors and eight masters over the years.