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Hou Xun

Hou Xun , male, from Xianyang, Shaanxi, academician and doctor tutor with Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Graduated from Department of Physics of Northwest University in 1959 and has worked in Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences since March 1962;  promoted to research fellow in June 1986; as vice director of the Institute in June 1982;  from June 1986 to March 1995, as director of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics; in 1984 awarded the title of “Young and Mid-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions” by the Ministry of Personnel; in 1985 awarded the title of “Advanced Individual in Cooperation of Scientific Research for National Defense” jointly by the State Planning Commission, State Economic Commission and Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense; in 1989 awarded the title of “National Advanced Worker ” by the State Council; in 1991 elected member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(now academician).  Academician Hou Xun was the chief scientist in “Study of Femotosecond Laser Technology and Ultrafast Process” under China’s 8•5 Climbing Program and one of two conveners of expert committee for “Study of Strong Field Laser Physics and Femotosecond Ultrafast Process ” as pre-selected projects under 9•5 Climbing Program.
Social concurrent posts :
now as director of Chinese Physical Society, standing member of Chinese Optical Society, vice chairman of Shaanxi Society of Sciences, Chairman of Shaanxi Physics Society, visiting professor with University of Science and Technology of China and with Xi’an Jiaotong University, dean of Electronics and Information Engineering School of Xi’an Jiaotong University, jointly-appointed professor with Northwest University, advisory professor with Beijing Institute of Technology, visiting professor with South China Normal University and visiting professor  with Henan University.
Mr. Hou Xun attaches great importance to scientific and technical personnel training. He has educated 51 masters and 28 doctors in succession, most of whom have become backbones in transient optics or semiconductor photoelectron component field. At present he has 10 graduates for Master and 10 graduates for Ph. D under his guidance, of whom Chang Zenghu won Schardin Award for young and mid-aged researchers by international high-speed photography and photonics conference, making him become the first Chinese to win the honor. Due to works, Mr. Hou Xun has hardly had thesis published except for theses in J.Appl.Phys. and Reev. Sci.Instrum during his staying in UK for advanced studies. Since 1986 he has published more than 150 theses in important domestic and foreign journals and academic conferences, including the specially-invited reports in the 18th (1988), 23rd (1998)and  25th (2002) international high-speed photography conference, Japan First High-speed Photography Conference(1993)and ISALO’98 International Symposium on Advanced Laser and Optoelectronics.
One top-grade prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award;two National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class III;two National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II, one National Invention Award Class III;two Chinese Academy of Sciences Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class I;four Chinese Academy of Sciences Scientific and Technological Progress Award Class II;1996 Guanghua Science & Technology Foundation Class I (individual award);1999 “Science and Technology Progress Award of He-Liang- He-Li Fund”(individual award).

Academician Hou was delivering report on science popularization

Academician Hou Xun also attaches importance to science popularization and training of juveniles’ knowledge of and interest in science and technology, and actively implements the Central Government’s principle on stressing science popularization.  In recent years, he delivered reports on popular science many times in universities and middle schools in Xi’an, Hanzhong, Shangzhou and Xianyang, etc. In 2004 he won title of national advanced worker in science popularization.