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Zhao Wei    director(legal representative)

  Born in Oct. 1963, male, Han nationality, from Anyang, Henan, began to work in July 1986, joined CPC in Oct. 2003, academic background of postgraduate, doctor’s degree, research fellow, doctor tutor.

  July 1987 to Aug. 1999, practice researcher, assistant research fellow and associate research fellow of XIOPM in succession,

  Sept. 1999, research fellow; Oct. 1999 to Oct. 2003, assistant director of XIOPM,

  Since Dec. 2001, director of national key laboratory of transient optics and photon technology; Nov. 2003 to April 2005, vice director of XIOPM,

  May 2005 – March 2006, executive vice director of XIOPM (chairing business),

  March 2006 – Jan. 2008, director of XIOPM,

  Jan. 2008, director of XIOPM for another term.

  Main academic posts:

  Executive director of Chinese Optical Society,

  Vice general secretary of professional committee of high-speed photography and photonics of Chinese Optical Society,

  Vice director of professional committee of optical fiber and integrated optics of Chinese Optical Society,

  Member of the standing photoelectric committee of Chinese Society of Astronautics,

  Member of Shanghai synch radiation light source science and technology committee,

  Member of professional committee of optical physics of Chinese Physical Society,

  Chairman of Shaanxi Optics Society,

  Chief expert of China/Italy joint laboratory of ultrafast photon network and communication and director of China branch of the laboratory

  Member of SPIE and OSA.